Dr Michael Poulsen (DC)

Hi, I’m Michael and I hail from Brisbane, Australia, where my chiropractic journey started at just 3 days old.

My parents understood the importance of the nervous system, its relationship to health and healthy development of a growing child. As I was growing up I noticed that being regularly checked by my family chiropractor meant that I didn’t have as many sick days as many of my classmates. I also felt like it improved my concentration at school and gave me a bit of an edge on the sports field.

Although at the age of 15 I didn’t really fully understand the full potential of chiropractic, I decided that when I finished school I would travel to Auckland and start studying to become a chiropractor. I had heard such great things about the College and knew if I was going to be a chiropractor that was where I wanted to learn.

During my time at the college I developed an interest for helping athletes of various sports with athletic performance and injury prevention. However once graduating, I quickly found that helping young children, pregnant mums & young families was truly my calling. The impact of helping young children and families develop and grow naturally not only helps them short term but has long lasting benefits as they develop during their formative years.

In my spare time I love to be outdoors enjoying the beach, cycling, running, surfing, CrossFit and generally anything that is going to keep me fit and healthy.

My mission is to improve the health of young families within the community through natural chiropractic care in order to grow healthy kids that thrive in everything they do!

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