Winter is finally upon us after an amazing summer and that can mean we start to spend more time indoors, exercise less and can be exposed to people who may be suffering from coughs and sniffles that many people get over this time of the year.

Some people are reactive when it comes to getting “sick” over winter. However a great way to keep you and your family healthy and help avoid winter ills is to be proactive and to nurture a strong, healthy, robust and effective immune system.

There are many natural ways to boost your immune system to help you stay healthy.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep your immune system strong this winter.

1. Stay away from processed foods. The majority of processed foods are filled with ingredients and additives that your body is unable to use, and that can reduce our bodies natural defences against bugs by weakening the immune system.

2. Eat a wide variety of produce from your local farmers market. Winter vegetables are amazing for our bodies during the cooler months and by shopping locally you can be sure you’re eating what is in season rather than eating food that has travelled from other parts of the world, losing much of their goodness along the way. In “The Mount” we have some great organic/whole food stores as well as the always reliable Tauranga farmers markets. Plus who doesn’t like supporting local business!

3. Make sure you eat local grass fed meats, free range chicken/eggs and wild fish. We should be eating bone broth, soups and stews on a weekly basis as well as aiming to eat fish a couple of times per week. We will post some simple recipes that We use in the coming weeks. Making your own broth is by far the best option however for those time poor individuals purchasing a dehydrated bone broth powder still has many benefits, check out local business Mitchell’s Bone Broth for some great powdered options.

4. Fermented foods. Feeding your gut bacteria is key to having a strong immune system- sauerkraut, kimchi, apple cider vinegar, kombucha/kefir and coconut yoghurt are all great naturally fermented foods for your gut! Or use a good quality Probiotic supplement.

5. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C: Numerous processes in your immune system require Vitamin C to function at their best, Vitamin C supports your body’s natural defence system.

6. Hot drinks are invaluable during the winter months. Herbal Teas are a great way to improve your immune system, whether you make them at home from ingredients in your garden or you buy them they’re a sure way of keeping you healthy and warm this winter. I like to source my tea from local mount company “Webster’s Tea”.

7. Sleep in the winter is very important. When we sleep is when we heal. Did you know our bodies are actually wired to need more sleep in the winter months? Everybody should be aiming for no less than 7 hours per night to avoid getting run down this winter. We should reduce the brightness of our screens after 9pm and as a general rule screen time should be limited within 30 mins of trying to sleep.

8. It is important to exercise. “Movement is life” and sometimes it’s easy to do less over the winter break due to the cold weather, rain and decreased day light hours, but even as little as 30 mins of moderate exercise per day is enough to help keep us healthy.

9. A healthy spine and nervous system. Last but not least- getting your spine and nerve system checked regularly by your chiropractor. Research shows that adjustments can boost the immune response, helping to keep you healthy this winter.

Seasonal Vegetables

Bone Broth 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask the team when you are next in for your chiropractic check up or please feel free to contact us direct.

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The team at Chiropractic House wish you a Happy Healthy Winter.