What on earth is a noisy brain??

In practice when we mention the phrase “noisy brain” to the parents of our kids we are always met with confused looks. But this phrase makes it so easy for parents to understand what’s going on neurologically with their kids.

Dr Micheal Explains…..

How would you react in an environment that is noisy, overstimulating and annoying? Most people would get away from that as fast as possible before getting annoyed and behaving poorly, right?

When our kids nervous systems are over run by our three different stressors (Thought’s, Trauma’s, & Toxin’s) their systems represent this noisy, annoying environment. Obviously our kids cannot get up and leave this internal chaotic environment, so the longer their system is stuck in this state (sympathetic) the more body signals we often see that something isn’t functioning at 100%. Behavioural issues, poor concentration, sleep issues and anxiety can all be potential signs that the nervous system is in chaos.

The best way that we as chiropractors can measure the noise within the nervous system is by utilising a sEMG scan, this scan allows us to look at how efficiently the brain is organising the body and how chiropractic can help your child.

If you think chiropractic might be able to help your child, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the team when you are next in for your chiropractic check. If you are not a practice member then please feel free to contact us direct.

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