Dr Rosemary explains how you can keep your family healthy this school year

How do we get a healthy start to the year? Well, health is really a 2 part equation. How much stress do we have coming at us, the 3Ts, Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts, or your physical stress, chemical stress or emotional stress versus how much good we are doing to support our physiology and nervous system to counteract those stresses and be resilient against them.

Sickness happens when the stresses add up and become more than the body, nerve system and immune system can handle. Being healthy is not good luck but it is pretty simple – we need to do more good things for our body than we have bad things coming at us. This keeps the equation in the positive.

So now kids are back at school it means that things often get a lot busier. Getting the kids out the door in the morning, beating the traffic, school lunches and after school activities. Kids are busy and that leads to busy parents too. So what we are going to commit to doing as a family and what I’d love to share with you, is getting ahead with those healthy habits. Doing more healthy things regularly to at least equal up that busyness and stress, if not keep ahead of it. So we are concentrating on our healthy routines. Healthy eating, supplements, getting active, and getting the kids into bed at a decent hour.

The best thing we can do to have healthy kids is to be healthy parents. Let’s make this the healthiest school year for your family by taking care of your physical fitness with regular exercise, your neurological fitness with regular chiropractic care, your nutritional fitness by eating well. And all of those things also help you to stay in a good mental and emotional state as well.

Our kids watch us and they take their lead from us. If we do things right they’ll do things right which helps everybody in the family stay ahead of the stresses of our busy lives. So this back to school time,  let’s not forget to lead from the front. Set a great healthy example and that will be the best thing you can do to support you and your families health this year.

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